Photo Competition 2023

Our Photo Competition 2023 was an outstanding success! We said we would love to see your photos of relaxing and enjoying the cottages, the animals, the stunning sunsets and sunrises, or any other aspect of your stay with us and oh my goodness we got a lot of entries and photos! 

flying Fox road washed away with the creek flowing fast across what was the causeway for the road.

Unexpected Exit

Please know that since writing this post our road has been fixed, we can freely travel and we are open for business! We are all used to flooding in the wider Canungra district, but this situation was a little different. Queensland experienced an unprecedented rain event for 5 days. With what became known as a…

scenic rim accommodation

Another year is done!

Well, we made it to the end of another eventful year, full of restrictions, lockdowns and other covid related issues. We have welcomed hundreds of lovely guests to our property during 2021 and as far as we can tell they all enjoyed themselves and like what we do. Phew! That’s a relief!  We had to…