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Scenic Rim Cottages

Just an hour’s drive from Brisbane, the Scenic Rim is not just a destination; it’s a dramatic shift from urban sprawl to natural wonder. It’s where the weary find solace, the adventurers find their playground, and nature lovers find a sanctuary.

Country Mile Escape embodies this spirit of transformation. Our luxury scenic rim cottages are an ode to the Scenic Rim’s grandeur, offering a seamless blend of elegance and eco-conscious living. Here, you don’t just stay; you engage with a lifestyle that cherishes adventure, wellness, and the beauty of the natural world. Welcome to your exclusive escape in the Scenic Rim, where luxury meets the great outdoors.

Why Choose Scenic Rim Luxury Accommodation?

Our Scenic Rim cottages are more than a place to stay; they’re a place to experience. At Country Mile Escape, we cater to:

Scenic Rim Cottages

The Shay: Your Secluded Romantic Escape

The Shay offers couples a private getaway amid the Scenic Rim’s breathtaking beauty. It’s the perfect setting for those special, quiet moments when the world seems to stand still.

Scenic Rim Cottages

The Aerial: Comfort and Flexibility

The Aerial stands out with its adaptability, serving as a one or two-bedroom haven for business travellers, families, and friends. Its generous space and modern amenities ensure a restful stay.

Wellness Packages at Country Mile Escape

Elevate your stay with our bespoke wellness packages, thoughtfully designed to deliver relaxation and rejuvenation. Choose from various massages, each one a pathway to tranquillity, delivered right to the comfort of your cottage. Immerse yourself in the luxury of personal care amid the serenity of the Scenic Rim.

Activities and Attractions in the Scenic Rim

The Scenic Rim is not just a feast for the eyes but a playground for the soul. There’s something for everyone, with activities and attractions ranging from heart-pumping adventures to leisurely cultural explorations.

Walking & Hiking: Trek through ancient rainforests and rugged national parks, discovering hidden waterfalls and breathtaking lookouts.

Wineries: Sip on exquisite local wines at the boutique vineyards scattered throughout the region, each offering a unique taste of the Scenic Rim.

Local Markets: Experience the vibrant community and fresh local produce at the country markets.

Cultural Sites: Visit the local art galleries and historical sites, immersing yourself in the rich tapestry of the area’s heritage.

Kayaking: Glide across the calm waters of Lake Moogerah, surrounded by scenic mountains.

When planning your journey to the Scenic Rim, remember Country Mile Escape is the perfect launchpad for exploring this stunning region. Whether seeking a tranquil retreat or an exciting adventure, every path leads to discovery and delight. Don’t just dream of a getaway—make it a reality. Secure your slice of paradise and create memories that will last a lifetime. Book your stay with us today and transform how you experience the Scenic Rim.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Country Mile Escape, we don’t just talk about sustainability; we embody it. Our eco-practices ensure that while you indulge, you also contribute to preserving the Scenic Rim’s pristine condition. So, whether it’s the call of adventure, the need for peace, or the desire to reconnect with loved ones, our luxury accommodation doesn’t just meet your expectations—it exceeds them responsibly.

scenic rim cottages
scenic rim cottages