Romantic Getaway Scenic Rim

Discover the the Scenic Rim’s stunning grandeur with a romantic getaway at Country Mile Escape, where luxury meets love

Enchanted Escapes

Crafting Your Perfect Romantic Getaway in the Scenic Rim

As you leave the city’s hustle and approach the Scenic Rim, a transformation begins. Here, amidst lush forests, majestic mountain ranges, and sweeping valleys, romance finds a natural home. It’s a landscape that embodies tranquillity and beauty, creating the perfect stage for intimate moments and cherished memories. The Scenic Rim, a haven for romantic getaways, captivates with its natural beauty, luxurious stays, and an array of romantic activities.

In the heart of this picturesque landscape lies Country Mile Escape, a haven where romance isn’t just a possibility—it’s the essence of the place. Here, luxury meets nature in a harmonious blend, creating an environment where couples can disconnect from the world and reconnect with each other. Welcome to Country Mile Escape, your Scenic Rim romantic getaway.

Country Mile Escape: Luxury Cottages

Escape to a world where nature’s symphony sets a peaceful rhythm for your stay. Country Mile Escape presents two distinctive cottages, each location offering a fusion of modern luxury and the natural beauty of the Scenic Rim’s landscapes.

romantic getaway scenic rim

The Shay

Your Romantic Getaway Scenic Rim

At The Shay, every detail caters to an immersive couple’s experience. This cottage is a testament to the art of romantic luxury, offering you and your partner a secluded retreat with all the indulgences of a grand escape.

  • Delight in the comfort of a king-size bed, where mornings are greeted with sunlight softly filtering through the leaves.
  • Spend evenings by the warmth of your private fireplace, sharing stories or simply enjoying the quiet.
  • Retreat to your private deck, where uninterrupted views of the sprawling farm set the stage for an evening sipping wine in the company of the stars.

The Shay is not just a stay but a celebration of romance, designed to give every couple a beautiful, shared experience in the heart of the Scenic Rim.

romantic getaway scenic rim

The Aerial

Your Private Luxury Escape

The Aerial at Country Mile Escape is a versatile sanctuary, perfect for couples seeking a private retreat. In its one-bedroom configuration, it becomes an intimate setting that balances the simplicity of country living with the comforts of modern luxury.

Here’s how The Aerial sets the scene for a memorable romantic getaway:

  • Soothing Ambiance: Located on a 70-acre farm, the cottage offers a peaceful environment with the only sounds of nature.
  • Panoramic Soaking Tub: Unwind in the soaking tub and take in the expansive views.
  • Al Fresco Dining: A BBQ and kitchenette await you to create an intimate dinner for two, to be enjoyed by the fire pit under the stars or by the warmth of the indoor fireplace.

Every detail at The Aerial is thoughtfully placed to ensure your time is as enchanting as the surroundings — the ultimate rural luxury.

Day of Romance: Your Itinerary at Country Mile Escape


Welcome the day with the soft hues of dawn from the sanctuary of your cottage at Country Mile Escape. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast on the patio, letting the stunning Scenic Rim landscape set the tone for the day ahead.

romantic getaway scenic rim


Embark on a journey through the local wineries that are the pride of the Scenic Rim. Delight in a lengthy lunch at Albert River Wines, basking in their historic setting, or choose between the rustic charm of Sarabah Estate Vineyard and the picturesque creekside of O’Reilly’s Canungra Valley Vineyards. These wineries provide a relaxed atmosphere for a slow-paced lunch with excellent wines.


As dusk drapes the sky in shades of pink and gold, return to your cottage for an evening of romance. Gather local produce and prepare a dinner for two using the cottage’s BBQ and kitchenette. Whether you eat outdoors under the stars or in the cosy indoor dining area, raise a glass to the day’s adventures and settle in for the night. 

romantic getaway scenic rim

Beyond the Day

The allure of Country Mile Escape extends beyond sunset. The Scenic Rim beckons with promises of hot air balloon rides at dawn, charming townships to explore, and a rich tapestry of arts and culture to discover. Each activity adds another layer of romance to your unforgettable getaway.

So why wait? Treat your partner to the tranquillity and beauty of a Scenic Rim couple’s getaway. Book your stay at Country Mile Escape, where every detail is crafted for romance, connection, and memories to last a lifetime.